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About Us

About Us

After working in the insurance and investment world for over 25 years (including time as a vice president), Al Gardner founded AnnuitiesPlus in 2002 with the goal to help pre-retired and retired people create financial stability and confidence in their financial future. Through a unique technology driven agency licensed in 47 of the 50 states, AnnuitiesPlus has helped more than 1000 clients across the nation meet their financial goals. Our mission is recommending sound analysis and advice on retirement matters for our clients, while providing the appropriate financial products of some of the leading insurance companies in the industry to meet those needs. Today we believe individuals and couples need support now more than ever before. Between stock market fluctuations and historically low interest rates, building reliable and safe retirement income can seem impossible these days. Through our ability to secure the essentials, we have developed a process that aims to help ensure clients will not outlive their money.

Our Core Tenets

We believe you shouldn’t hope to be okay in retirement — you should know you will be. To help develop your confidence, the following tenets form the foundation of our client support:

• Build Real Relationships

We serve people nationwide and may not always meet our clients in person. However, we’ve never let physical distance hinder our support. We've fostered relationships that span decades, and we’re proud to show that caring attention and support matter more than proximity. Ultimately, we are here for clients every day, for the rest of their lives.

• Secure the Essentials

We focus on helping clients secure their future essential financial needs and create a legacy that lasts. Essential needs are the future income needs that are required to cover housing, utilities, food, clothing, etc.. These needs can be partially secured by pensions and social security and completed by other guaranteed income investments.

We understand the stock market’s allure, but we recommend that the riskier investment monies should be used for the wants rather than the needs.

• Be Open Minded

We don’t know what financial choices are right for a client until we truly know that client. Through our comprehensive retirement planning support, we use every available financial option to help clients achieve their goals.

• Care for Future Generations

Choosing the right insurance options is one of the most caring acts you can do for your loved ones. We are committed to helping clients find insurance that protects their family from life’s challenges and preserves the assets they’ve worked so hard to build.

Complete Wealth Management

At AnnuitiesPlus, you gain support from a financial ally with the expertise and experience to provide thorough, customized retirement planning that addresses your full needs, including:

  • Social security planning
  • IRA Required Minimum Distribution planning
  • Pension planning
  • Guaranteed lifetime income
  • Life insurance
  • Charitable giving
  • Asset preservation
  • Long-term care risks

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