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Redefining What's Essential

Redefining What's Essential

Our goal is to help you secure the essentials in your life, so you never have to worry about money.

Through our comprehensive financial planning, AnnuitiesPlus helps clients create income for their basic needs — such as mortgage, utilities, and groceries. However, we think a satisfying retirement depends on more than just covering the basics. We work with clients to define their essentials: the predictable expenses that support the lifestyle they desire.

When designing their plan, our clients often want to include essentials like:

  • Annual vacations
  • Regular visits with grandchildren
  • Favorite hobbies
  • Church and charitable contributions
  • And so much more

Ultimately, your retirement is just that: yours. We believe you should have the freedom to follow your passions and spend time with those you love without unnecessary sacrifices or stress.

After all, you’ve spent your whole life working. Isn't it time to just enjoy the rest of it.

Services to Complete Your Wealth Management Picture

Our Services

Annuity Planning

Annuities cover the essentials that you need to enjoy your retirement.

The right annuity planning can help you:

  • Guarantee a lifetime income for you and your spouse — just like a pension
  • Reduce the amount of income tax you pay on your investments each year
  • Provide a greater return rate on safe money than a CD can
  • Protect your essential needed monies from market downturns while still increasing the value during market upturns

After our team helps you define your essentials, we will start creating a long-term, customized plan to secure your future and build reliable income. We have experience working with hundreds of annuity offerings across many different companies and will seek the options that we believe best fit your goals.

Insurance Planning

Insurance covers present and future liquidity needs for you and your family.

The right insurance planning can help you:

  • Support your spouse’s retirement income if they outlive you
  • Cover the costs for terminal illness, assisted care, and nursing home, if needed
  • Pass wealth to your children, grandchildren, or other heirs in a better tax-efficient manner
  • Increase your income knowing that the future insurance benefits will cover your family’s future financial needs
  • Reduce your tax liabilities from other assets while increasing your future income

When challenges inevitably arise, such as an illness or death, insurance helps lessen financial burdens and provide necessary liquidity, so you and your family can focus on taking care and moving forward.

We will analyze your current insurance holdings — and gaps — and create a plan for supporting your needs, no matter what the future brings. Just as we do with annuities, we focus on providing unbiased, outcome-focused strategies and uncovering opportunities that bring you the greatest liquidity at the lowest cost.

Investment Planning

Investments cover your wants — beyond your essentials — and also help you keep up with inflation.

The right investment planning can help you:

  • Create growth to offset inflation
  • Support financial expenses, such as special purchases and experiences, that occur infrequently and are not a part of your regular income needs
  • Increase your liquidity for life’s unexpected expenses

At AnnuitiesPlus, we’re focused on safe money, so we don’t invest directly in the stock markets. We do, however, believe investments should play a role in many clients’ wealth management. While we don’t provide investment advice, we welcome the opportunity to align our financial planning with your other investment strategies.

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